Riptide Mag N°191 vient de sortir, dans ce N° il y a le DVD bonus ‘Relocations’!

A crisp new magazine is not the only thing hot off the press – with it comes a brand spankin’ fresh concept that is sure to shake up the bodyboarding world.

If you somehow haven’t gathered by now, we’ve crowned our inaugural Bodyboarder of the Year in these pages. Sure, the iconic Peer Poll is cool, but didn’t having the Reader Poll separate leave unanswered questions? We thought we’d give the readers a chance to influence the Top 20 list and the results were, as expected, captivating. Have a flick through and see where your guy or gal finished up in bodyboarding’s prestigious new honour.

We bring you a couple more banging features – one showing that not all high-profile surf trips go as planned, even with a team of four of the world’s best, and another documenting a potential World Champ-in-waiting’s pressure-relieving jaunt to the frigid waters of Ireland.

You’ll also find insightful stories on a diverse crop of some of the sport’s colourful characters – from the prodigious ’90s versatile star, to a young pro at a career crossroads to another burgeoning talent who’s juggling a bodyboarding career with work, a mathematics degree and being a young dad.

Add to that a new focus on big, clean image spreads, and a beautifully shot bonus DVD featuring three eclectic guys from opposite ends of the globe and you’d be hard-pressed to find another product that comes close to the comprehensive bodyboarding package that is Riptide Magazine.