Nous vous en parlions il y a peu de temps et le voila disponible: Riptide Mag N°194 avec à l’intérieur le Riptide Experiment 7 ! The Riptide Experiment poru ceux qui ne connaissent pas c’est le magazine Riptide qui envoie certains des meilleurs riders au monde en trip quelque part (cette année c’est au Mentawai). Riptide faisait ça chaque année avant mais avait finalement arrêté de le faire. En 2013 ils ont relancé le concept et sont parti en trip avec:

- 2012 Riptide Bodyboarder of the Year Dave Winchester
- 2011 World Champion Pierre Louis Costes
- 2 x World Champion Ben Player
- 2 x Women’s World Champion Isabela Sousa
- 2012 Dropknee World Champion Sacha Specker
- South African superstar Jared Houston
- Freesurfing extraordinaire Jase Finlay
- 2012 Riptide Grom of the Year Lewy Finnegan

Sur le site web de Riptide on peut lire:
Producing a whole mag and DVD in two weeks (which in this case turned out to be around five days) with an eclectic team of riders from around the world seems is a near-impossible task. The results are accordingly unlike anything else on the market, but damn if it doesn’t make for some compelling viewing. With Nick Bannehr and Michael Jennings behind the lenses, not one snippet of action went uncaptured. Sit back with a cuppa and take a journey with us. Ride the highs and lows of a trip that went anything but according to plan. As if the mag wasn’t already choc full enough, we’re also stoked to be bringing you a huge double sided poster to spruce up your bedroom walls. It wasn’t always pretty, but like Sacha Specker says inside, “That’s what travel is”, and we couldn’t be more stoked we took a gamble in bringing the Experiment back. Bodyboarding needs big ideas and a sense of occasion. Resting on our laurels is something we refuse to do.

Welcome to Experiment Seven – mutiny, comradeship and redemption in the Mentawai Islands.