Une excellente nouvelle: L’IBA Pipeline Challenge est de retour après de nombreuses péripéties (une annulation complète de l’événement puis la mise en place d’un “sepcial évent” remplaçant l’événement d’origine faute de sponsors, puis finalement le retour de l’événement tel qu’il avait été prévu). Le Pipeline Pro aura donc lieu, l’IBA a confirmé que l’event faisait parti du tour 2013 comme prévu et les points acquis par les riders compteront bien sûr pour le classement sur le tour 2013. Bref, tout est revenu en place. Nous ne connaissons pas encore cependant le nom des sponsors.

Sur le site de l’IBA nous pouvions lire:

2013 IBA Pipe Challenge Officially Re-Instated to Full GSS IBA World Tour Status

Following on from yesterday’s update, the IBA are pleased to confirm that the 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge has officially been re-instated to full GSS IBA World Tour Status for all 3 divisions.

The last minute sponsorship discussions that took place on the back of the wide spread and positive support of the bodyboarding community, has resulted in a great outcome for the athletes and fans of the IBA World Tour.

The sponsorship support has come from various companies and a full press release will be coming early next week to identify and acknowledge this much appreciated support.

At this stage it can be confirmed with certainty that the Grand Slam Series (GSS) status will be re-instated for the Mens, Womens and Drop Knee Divisions and they will proceed in the original event window of February 16 – March 1. The trials event will commence on February 16 at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Hawaii.

Check in for all riders will be held on the 14th February 2013, with further details to follow in the coming days.

There will be a minimum of 3 full days of professional live streaming of the event.

“Once again, the IBA would like to thank the large and passionate bodyboard community for the positive efforts by the majority of followers to work towards an outcome in light of the situation with the 2013 Pipe Challenge. It is a proud day to be a bodyboarder. We look forward to providing you with further updates in the coming days. See you in Hawaii.

Further updates will be provided Monday afternoon Hawaiian time.”

Alex Leon – IBA World Tour Manager.